We left this page here for those that had questions about the 4500 series kits (..and the Universal kit). We actually have not made the 4500 series for quite a few years now. Mainly for two reasons:
1)Cost. If we produced, and sold the kit today, it would be well over $1000
2)User Friendly. What we mean by that is- When customers would go to their local Paintball ( or Scuba Shop) to fill the 4500 psi bottles, the shops would only fill to 3800~ psi. Hence making the kit not work as it’s supposed to.

NANO 10# UNIVERSAL KIT 3000/4500
The other kit we “eliminated” is the Universal kit. We Eliminated it because it was the #1┬áreason we received tech related phone calls. People not installing the check-valve assembly correctly, incorrect nitrous valves, trying to run too much nitrous with wrong size valve, etc…
We just could not guarantee this system effectiveness with people mis-using/mis-installing this system. So we have decided to no longer sell it.
Now we just sell out Nano System Complete!







The 3000 psi Kit works EXACTLY as the old 4500 kit. Due to the lower pressure bottle, it requires more volume. Hence why our 3000 psi bottles are bigger than the old 4500 psi bottles.